A reversed silhoutte stencil of leaves was used to create the design of this coffered ceiling.  The entire tray was then antiqued with a wash for warmth.

This tray ceiling was washed in metallic gold, silver and copper.  The border is a bamboo theme which is carried out throughout the room.

This bathroom  treatment was a modification of a wallpaper sample provided by the client.

Faux painted block entry. The white wood shelf was also faux finished to tie in the with stone theme.
Wine Room with Faux Block

This ultra-modern fantasy marble was a perfect accent for this set of master bathroom columns which were previously painted white.

Strie (Dragging)
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The open area of this residence consists of neutral wall space with accents beings added with rich color on the columns and niches to tie in with the colors of the room's accessories, such as drapes, pillows wood cabinetry.

Faux finished column with ornate capital and arched walls to compliment stone flooring.
Contemporary leaf design in powder room.
Bathroom Accent Wall - Pussywillows drawn with caulk.
Rust and gold accent tub wall with faux finished molding to tie in with cabinetry.
A plain white metal door was transformed into a richly colored piece of art along with metallic painted ceiling.
A very contemporary stripe with flat vs glossy sheens and a black pinstripe! Looks like paper!
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Faux Painted Contemporary Wood Wall
Detail of Metallic Tissue Wall
Pink Ceiling Glitter Wash in a very feminine walk-in closet